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About Us

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What is our mission?

Women of Royalty will assist in meeting the most immediate needs of women and men in crises, whether in shelters, on the streets, incarceration, or assisted living. The goal is to share the necessary skills to ensure daily living and survival.  Our goal will be to move them from crisis to stability to productivity and finally self-sufficiency. 

What is our vision?

Women of Royalty aims to empower women and men  to walk in their completeness as God has called them into their inheritance of Royalty while motivating them physically, emotionally, and last but not least spiritually. Our prayer is that they in return will splash living water and win the souls of those who Hunger after the “Bread of Life, Jesus!


About the Founder

Elder Cathy Thomas Ben Bella

Humbly, answered the call to Ministry more than 16 years ago. Ordained as an Elder and gifted in the five-fold ministry as an Evangelist and Teacher. She operates under the Prophetic and Apostolic mantle.

God has burdened her heart and given her a tireless passion to minister through helps, to those in the deepest pits in which one can sink. God has equipped her to go behind the dumpsters, in alleys, under bridges to share the Love of Christ to those who are Depressed, Distressed and Discouraged. This demonstration of Love, Hope, and Compassion comes from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He simply uses her as His vessel.

God revealed to her that one must go through something to get to His destiny. He will take you from misery to ministry. The concept is that what’s from the Heart will reach the Heart. God allows her to serve as the Founder and President of the Women of Royalty Outreach Ministries & Enrichment. Established in 2001,

She obtained her AAB in Paralegal Studies and Cuyahoga Community College. She is near completion of her Bachelors of Science concentration is Interdisciplinary Studies at Liberty University. She has been placed on the accelerated track to the Master of Arts discipline of Pastoral Counseling with concentration in Trauma and Crisis Response. She has recently entered the Post Death Service Industries as an Independent Entrepreneur approved by the Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors as an Instructor for Continuing Education. She recently received her certification for Funeral Celebrant, March 31, 2017.

She is presently preparing to host her own digital radio talk show, “Called and Chosen,” which shall deal with issues surrounding Saints as they accept, prepare, enter, and serve in ministry. She also has a project underway, as she is writing her first book to empower any one who needs to breakout of their personal prisons. The book is titled “Breaking out… God says! …No More Victims”….

She has been the Instructor for the Life Skills and Christian Recovery class held every Saturday morning at the Salvation Army’s Harbor Light Complex in downtown Cleveland, Ohio for the past 10 years. Women are empowered through Education; Encouragement, Recovery, and Real life practical approaches that has yielded outstanding results.

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